Country Divine Sells High Quality AEA Certified Emu Oil Online

Country Divine is proud to offer a comprehensive variety of high quality AEA certified emu oils for sale online. With a wide range of various applications, our AEA certified fully refined emu oils can be used for pharmaceutical/dietary supplement applications, cosmetic products and beyond.  Our emu oil is 100% all natural and carries the American Emu Association Certification Seal for Fully Refined Emu Oil.

We are proud to offer our customers in both wholesale and retail capacities numerous emu oil options to suit their every need. Here are some of our most popular products available for sale online:

AEA Certified Grade A Emu Oil

AEA Certified Ultra Clear Emu Oil

AEA Certified Ultra Emu Oil®

Appalachian Milk Soap with Emu Oil

Country Divine Antioxidant Moisturizer Creme

Country Divine Emu Oil Shampoo & Conditioner

Country Divine Lip Moisturizer

Our pure emu oils contain a complete balance of essential fatty acids (Omega 3, Omega 6, and Omega 9), which play a part in almost every function of the human body.  Moreover, natural lipids found in Emu Oil match that of human skin, and replenishing these lipids helps maintain healthy-looking hair, skin and nails.  Our emu oils contain trace amounts of natural Vitamin E or tocopherol, which ensures that our emu oil will last longer.

Shop high-quality AEA certified emu oil for sale online and let our specialists assist you with your order. All of our emu oil products are 100% natural and contain: Pure emu oil, tocopherol (natural Vitamin E, 0.04%) and are free of gluten, soy, and parabens.


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