LB Processors, LLC is the world’s largest producer of high quality refined emu oil.  In business since 1992, the quality and consistency of our emu oil products are unmatched by any other refiner on earth.  The founder and owner/operator of LB Processors was an early pioneer of the physical refining process.  This process is now recognized as the best, most efficient method of obtaining fully refined emu oil, which is sterile, safe, color correct, and odorless.  It also removes bacteria and other impurities that could be dangerous if consumed.

In our physical refining process, we treat the oil with natural clays under low absolute pressure and high temperatures in order to maximize finished oil quality and yield. Impurities, pigments, and bacteria are absorbed onto these clays and then removed through filtration.  No harsh chemicals are used.  The process is all-natural and environmentally safe.

This process has been perfected through 20+ years of exhaustive research and lab testing.  The basic technology has been widely used in food processing for years, but never before been used for emu oil.  It has a long history of being the most effective and efficient method of producing a safe, sterile, consumable, and pure emu oil.  We follow and surpass all FDA recommended best practices for food products and all of our emu oil carries the American Emu Association ‘Certified Fully Refined’ seal.  Finally, our on-site lab enables us to perfectly balance the process to produce a more consistent, higher quality product that is also independently tested by a certified AOCS chemist.

Our refined emu oil is widely recognized as the finest in the world, and we take great pride in our products and the years of research effort that have made them possible.  We have customers in over 30 countries on 6 continents.

What to Look for in Emu Oil?

  • The American Emu Association “Certified Fully Refined” seal
  • Registered FDA Manufacturer, regularly inspected by the state’s Department of Agriculture
  • Each batch is tested by an independent AOCS Certified Chemist
  • Creamy texture, white to off-white color
  • Odorless
  • Stable product that does not separate.
  • Consistent texture from one batch to another
  • Ask your processor if they use an all-natural physical refining process
  • Refined in America


Due to the expense and equipment required for the physical refining process, we are the only producer of refined emu oil to use this method of sterilizing and refining. Many emu oil “refiners” use a sub-standard process called molecular distillation, while others simply filter their oil through cheesecloth. Both of these methods are terribly inefficient and totally ineffective at producing a safe, consistent, top quality, stable finished product.

Molecular distillation involves spinning the oil over metal plates at variable speeds, which causes the heavier molecules to separate from the oil. This method is not normally used in oil processing since it has been shown to be ineffective at removing some impurities and bacteria and also leaves higher levels of free fatty acids. These methods do not produce a consistent, stable, color correct product, nor do they properly sterilize the oil. This makes their product inappropriate for internal applications, such as wound care, acne treatment or human consumption, as they may contain dangerous bacteria.

In addition to safety concerns, emu oil filtered via the molecular distillation process will contain high peroxide levels. This causes the oil to oxidize over a relatively short period of time. Oxidation is the breakdown of the product, causing an unpleasant smell and separation of layers within the oil. This makes their emu oil unsuitable for cosmetic and pharmaceutical applications because the product just isn’t stable.


LB Processors’ NEVER uses a sub-standard method of refining our emu oil. Our emu products carry the American Emu Association “Certified Fully Refined” seal of approval. This means that our product is consistent in color, odorless, and above all, safe. An independent American Oil Chemist Society chemist tests and verifies that all of our oil meets the strict guidelines of the AEA requirements for certification.  If you are looking around for where to get emu oil, we have several reviews on our products from real people who have used our high quality products in the past. Please feel free to look around the website or contact us if you have any questions.