Emulate, LLC is a private owned research company that works with specialty oils.

Emulate, LLC developed and patented a customized process for emu oil that improved the Anti-inflammatory properties by 45 to 50%.

Emu oil processed through these steps has shown to reduce swelling more effectively than unprocessed emu oil. This finding has moved Ultra Emu Oil ™ into a new category for cosmetic and pharmaceutical applications.

Protocol for Experiments #1 and #2:

Body weights of all CD-1 mice were noted prior to any treatment. The animals were then anesthetized using ketamine and a xylazine preparation. Left ear thickness measurements (mm) were made for all animals using a micrometer caliper. Fifty micoliters of croton oil (containing phorbol esters) was slowly applied to the inner surface of the left pinna of 15 mice to induce inflammation as we have previously reported (1). Two hours later, the 15 mice were divided into 3 groups of 5. Group 1 was untreated. To the auricular area of Group 2 animalswas applied 1 ml of unprocessed emu oil. To the auricular area of Group 3 animals was applied 1 ml of Processed emu oil. Six hours later, the ear thickness (mm) was remeasured. These thickness measurements were compared with croton oil induced �inflammation of the auricular area as well as with unprocess versus processed emu oil.

Ultra Emu Oil is certified through the American Emu Association as ” AEA Certified Fully Refined Emu Oil”

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