Broad Spectrum Soothing Cream with Glucosamine and Emu Oil


Emu Oil Soothing Cream with Glucosamine and Hemp Extract 1000 mg 4 oz.

Our Emu Oil Soothing Cream with Glucosamine and MSM, formulated with highly-refined Ultra Emu Oil®, absorbs quickly without irritation.  Now enhanced with 1000 mg Broad-Spectrum Hemp Extract.  You’ve heard the hype.  Now see for yourself!


  • Odorless, light-weight formula
  • Apply to knees, elbows, shoulders or back
  • Great for tired, over-worked muscles and joints
  • Try it on hands and wrists after a long day at the computer keyboard.



Skin Serum with Broad-Spectrum Extract


1 fl. oz. Ultra Clear Emu Oil with 1000mg Broad-Spectrum Extract


The natural properties of our Ultra Clear Emu Oil make it the most ideal carrier oil on the market.  Continuing in the tradition of offering the highest quality of products available, we have combined our own hand-crafted, Broad-Spectrum Hemp Extract together with the Ultra Clear to offer our Topical Skin Serum with 1000 mg Hemp Extract.  Each batch is independently tested by a third-party laboratory, ensuring you receive a product free of solvents or chemicals–as nature intended.


100% all-natural, non-GMO product; free of gluten, soy, and parabens.  Apply to skin as needed.