Ultra Solid Emu Oil


Our Ultra Solid Emu Oil is a product of the proprietary process by which our Ultra Clear Emu Oil is developed. To create the Ultra Clear Emu Oil, we remove all solids (also referred by as stearins) from the oil.  Those separated solids become our Ultra Solid Emu Oil.

The Ultra Solid Emu Oil was originally created for cosmetic companies looking for a thickening agent for use in cosmetics, soaps, lotions, lip balms (and much more) to give their products a desired creamy texture. However, due to high demand, we now also offer this advanced grade oil directly to our customers. As with our other premium grade oils, Ultra Solid Emu Oil absorbs into the skin quickly and works well for individual use as an all over topical body salve or moisturizer. It has a rich and creamy texture.

Ultra Solid Emu Oil can also be used on pets. Its thick, creamy texture make it ideal for applying to dry skin, cracked paws, or hotspots.


It is 100% all natural ingredients: Pure emu oil, tocopherol (natural vitamin E, 0.15%). Free of gluten, soy, and parabens.



Emu oil contains essential fatty acids (Omega 3, Omega 6, and Omega 9), which play a part in almost every function of the human body. Natural lipids found in emu oil match that of human skin, and these lipids can help skin from the inside out.

As a skin moisturizer, apply daily after a shower for maximum effect and once again before bed and as needed. The Ultra Solid Emu Oil penetrates the skin more efficiently than a non-refined product and is perfect for:

  • General skin care and moisturizing
  • Cuticle care
  • Dry, cracked skin on feet
  • Hair care/dry scalp/split ends

Ultra Solid Emu Oil is also ideal for use on pets with dry skin and coats or dogs’ hotspots.

Our most highly refined oil is unmatched by any other emu oil product in the world.  It is non-toxic, hypo-allergenic (non-irritating), and gentle for all skin types.


It is 100% all natural ingredients: Pure emu oil, tocopherol (natural vitamin E of no more than 0.1%). Free of gluten, soy, and parabens.

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Weight 0.2000 lbs
Product Name

Ultra Solid Emu Oil 2 fl. oz./jar, Ultra Solid Emu Oil 32 fl. oz./quart, Ultra Solid Emu Oil One Gallon pail


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