LB Processors, LLC, like many American businesses, came from humble beginnings. In 1992, we began raising emus in the beautiful hills of Tennessee. At that time, we were marketing emu oil for a friend who encouraged us to start a business. We decided to open our company and embark on a journey that would eventually lead us to help shape the emu oil industry. In time, we helped set the industry standards for the refinement and production methods that are used by emu oil producers today. When we began the company, emu oil was not widely produced or distributed. No manual or business model for rendering and selling this remarkable substance existed. We were harvesting fat from our own birds, which often ended up unrefined and in our freezer. As we continued to experiment, it was discovered that the process would require many necessary steps to create emu oil that could be sold to the public.


Tireless hours spent in the tiny lab resulted in streamlining the complex process. Eventually, a small cooker and filtration system were purchased; then the farm’s hatching facility was turned into a larger lab. The electrical engineering skills of CEO were put to use toward developing a method of rendering and refining the oil without it separating. This approach to processing resulted in an emu oil that had no odor, retained a creamy texture, and could be reproduced time and again.

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Completely committed to building a successful business, we sold meat to local markets by day and worked to produce quality emu oil by night. Years of sleepless nights and passionate dedication were about to pay off for our hardworking family. In 1995, the USDA gave emu oil its stamp of approval. We took a leading role in helping the industry to grow. From 1999 to 2003, our company president served as a board member and head of oil research for the American Emu Association.


This corporate family remains committed to building the emu oil industry while developing new and innovative products. Today, LB Processors is recognized as the world leader in the refinement of emu oil. We produce 25,000 gallons of emu oil every year with the capacity for more. The company serves clients across the United States and the world including: Russia, Thailand, Philippines, Israel, Brazil, Ecuador, Chile, Japan, South Korea, England, Argentina, and Australia, as well as countries represented within the European Union (EU).


As LB Processors has grown, the company has created a variety of emu oil based products, including emu oil shampoo, conditioner and an Emu Oil Soothing Cream with Glucosamine. Emu oil can be ingested in pill form for even more health benefits. You can purchase the Ultra Emu Oil® Gel Cap supplement at the store within this website, as well as request information about wholesale and bulk emu oil. The Country Divine line offers a host of emu oil skin care products from facial moisturizer to body lotion.


Producing excellent emu oil-based goods is a top priority. Everything made in our FDA-registered facility is handled with care. We supervise all aspects of production at LB Processors. As the company has expanded, we have remained humble and true to our original goal of creating the best emu oil available. We are very proud of our family-run business, staff and unwavering faith in God. They welcome you to peruse the website, ask questions and find the emu oil product that works best for you.

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